When you’re looking for an Indianapolis haunted house, being amongst the city lights isn’t frightening. Out in the country, where no one can hear you scream in the dark, is frightening. At Indiana Fear Farm, we keep you guessing about what could possibly be behind the next corner. A demented dentist? A psychotic clown? On the Haunted Hayride, you won’t see either coming until it is too late.

As we round the corner and head down the backstretch of 2015, our thoughts are increasingly drawn to Halloween and all the fun it brings. We have some truly horrifying surprises lined up for you at Indiana Fear Farm in Jamestown this year. The Slaughter Barn will have more than 40 actors, ready to get up close and personal, and make your blood run cold with horror.

Indiana Fear Farm is just a 35-minute drive from downtown Indianapolis. We’re located just outside of Jamestown; centrally located between Lebanon, Crawfordsville, Frankfort, Danville, and Indianapolis. What article of clothing are you most looking forward to having scared off of you this year? While you ponder that, remember. Socks are optional.

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