The most exciting night of the year is here! October 2nd is opening night at INDIANA FEAR FARM! We’ve been working hard for months to deliver the level of  fear you’ve come to expect from us over the last 14 years. Everything you’re excited to experience is ready to come alive in the Slaughter Barn or on our Haunted Hayride.

Explosions, crazed hillbillies, zombies, and radio DJs all await you in Jamestown; just a short drive from downtown Indianapolis. The best haunted attraction in Indiana is ready to make all of your nightmares come true! The digital sound enhanced Haunted Hayride is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before with more than 50 actors dancing, flying and terrifying you in the dark forests of our farm.   The adrenaline rush you get from being bombarded on all sides by sight and sound will have you screaming at the top of your lungs and begging for more as soon as the ride ends. 

In the Slaughter Barn, it’s a magnificent and horrific spectacle that will leave you breathless. More than 40 actors are waiting to drag you into  your worst nightmares. Will you survive the intense experience of evil that awaits you? There’s only one way to find out on opening night at Indiana Fear Farm! We’re easy to find, just follow these directions to night you won’t soon forget, we dare you.