With just two weeks until Halloween, we’re intensifying the fright at Indiana Fear Farm. This year has been full of shrieks, shudders, and scares—the kinds of things you might avoid anytime other than Halloween. At Indiana Fear Farm, those chills and thrills mean we’ve succeeded in making nightmares a reality.

There’s still time to visit us here in Jamestown, just a short drive from Indianapolis. Think haunted houses in the city are terrifying? Wait until you see what we’ve got in store for you at the farm, where there’s no one around for miles to hear you scream.

Think about it:

When driving or walking around town, you’re rarely in the dark. Streetlights are all around, pouring light across everything. Huge buildings glow with so much light, you can’t even see the stars.

If you want to truly experience terrors that lurk in the shadows this Halloween, head to Indiana Fear Farm. Once you’re out of town and on our countryside roads, the security of all that city light will disappear. The blackness of night will encompass you.

And you won’t believe the horrors that are waiting for you in the dark.

Need directions? Check out this map and we’ll see you soon here at Indiana Fear Farm.