We’re often asked how an old horse farm was converted into one of the best haunted houses in Indianapolis. The short story is that it is a labor of love by a small group of people passionate about entertaining you each fall. The long story is below courtesy of our owner Sabrina Kent-Doolan.

Our Story

As one of the owners of Indiana Fear Farm, I’m often asked how I got into the “Halloween business.” Scaring people is a very unusual way to make a living, and you just might be surprised to learn about the journey my family and I took to make Indiana Fear Farm happen.

Indiana Fear Farm is a family-owned and operated business. In fact, when Indiana Fear Farm opens its doors every year, we are inviting you to our farm and, essentially, our home. There is not a big corporation that financially supports Indiana Fear Farm or a massive workforce that builds, creates, markets, or maintains Indiana Fear Farm. It’s grounded on the vision and efforts of real people in the Boone County community: my family, our friends, and volunteers.

The majority of what you see at Indiana Fear Farm (as well as what happens behind the scenes) is made possible by my father, mother, husband, and our three children. We are truly blessed to have incredible friends who have helped us operate Indiana Fear Farm since its inception. They’ve become part of our family and the growing success of Indiana Fear Farm.

How It All Began

Indiana Fear Farm’s original name was KD Stables Haunted Hayride. KD Stables was the name of the horse farm that we owned and operated on this same property.  What is now known as the “Slaughter Barn” was once an indoor riding arena, complete with 20 horse stalls.


My husband and I, along with some of our horse boarders, decided in October of 1999 that it would be fun to offer a haunted hayride. We decorated the woods, made some costumes, printed some flyers, and distributed them. We were open only on Halloween night. Much to our surprise and delight, people actually showed up to take a ride on our haunted hayride.

The following year, we didn’t offer a haunted hayride. Yet, on Halloween night there were patrons that came to the farm looking for the haunted hayride. That was a “light bulb” moment for me. We had been onto something!

Experiencing the Indiana Fear Farm

A lot of people ask me where I get my ideas. My response: Our team has some seriously twisted and creative minds! If I can dream it up, my husband can make it happen! It takes everyone in the Fear Farm family doing their part to make Indiana Fear Farm bigger and better each year!

Our Haunted Hayride is designed to be scary, yet family-friendly. It’s pure entertainment from start to finish! Our customers scream, duck their heads, dance, laugh, and ultimately clap and exit our hayride with huge grins on their faces.

If you’re looking for pure terror and the adrenaline rush that comes with it, our Slaughter Barn is for you. When we get up close and personal with our customers, our twisted minds go into overload when designing scares.

If being scared isn’t for you, we have games, a gravity-defying ride, and three bonfires going every night. Have fun, stay calm, and enjoy the beautiful fall evening.

Why Visit Indiana Fear Farm?

We work hard to provide an experience people can’t get anywhere else. We truly offer something for everyone and we genuinely care about the satisfaction and safety of our customers.

Indiana Fear Farm isn’t just a business. It represents years of our lives, striving to provide memorable scares and entertainment that families can cherish for a lifetime.

This October, we’ll open our doors to the public once again for our 14th year since that “light bulb” moment and the inception of what has become my passion and dream job. I personally invite you to join us just outside of Jamestown, a short 35-minute drive from downtown Indianapolis and experience Indiana Fear Farm. Whether this is your 14th time visiting us or the first, we promise to deliver an evening you won’t soon forget. Get your discount coupons now. It’s a decision you won’t regret.

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