This post was written by Indiana Fear Farm co-owner Sabrina Doolan

I’m often asked why Indiana Fear Farm is not open on Halloween. After all, “Halloween” is the market we’re in! Indiana Fear Farm is family owned and operated. Although my family may be the proprietors of the farm, there are many families that help operate the farm on a nightly basis. We refer to them as our “Fear Farm Family” and make no mistake, we are family.

Of course, the adults are in staff positions such as combine drivers, tractor drivers, stunt people, and more. However, most of us do have children, and not all of them are of the age to be in staffing positions. So, we came up with what we feel is a very creative alternative to having someone just babysit them. Every tiny pirate, doll, or Thriller dancer you see within our attractions, are our little kiddos.┬áIf you’ve visited the farm before, you may have seen the “zombie triplets” that roam the grounds.

All in all, it takes a certain amount of dedication (and at least a touch of insanity) to be a member of the Fear Farm Family. We choose not to be open on Halloween because we believe that family comes first. By closing our doors on Halloween, we can allow our families to celebrate together on what is, after all, our favorite holiday. From our crazy family to yours, we hope you have a safe and happy Halloween, and we look forward to scaring you next year in our 17th season!

Happy Halloween!